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Coolest Tinkerbell 3rd Birthday Cake

Lauren wanted a Tinkerbell cake so I make this Tinkerbell 3rd Birthday Cake as close as I could. I found a doll and made the cake in a pudding cake tin and found a silver and white butterfly and ripped the middle out so just the wings were left.

I used green icing then for dress and cut out flowers to put on the bottom. Also in the back ground you can see the small cupcakes which I cut out pink and green flowers to put on the top and placed them on a cupcake stand then I put the Tinkerbell cake on top but it was a little heavy and didn’t leave it on there for too long.

I was most impressed though a few of Lauren’s friend’s mums wanted me to make their kids birthday cakes when they had their birthday, and I did help one of the mums with a Thomas cake and turned out great. I love doing cakes it gives me a challenge. Next is my son’s birthday, he is 2 and think I going to do a big red car from Wiggles, a big challenge.

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