Coolest Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

I decided to make a Tinkerbell Birthday Cake for my daughter’s second birthday, and was excited to see everyone’s ideas on here. I decided to share my ideas hoping they would help others like some of the people helped me.

The day before the party I baked the cake using the Wilton dress mold to make it, and needed a out one and a half cake batters. I used the rest to make cupcakes. I used flower cupcake cups I got in the cake section of a craft store and used yellow frosting to make it look like a flower, put sprinkled gold shimmer dust on them and a fairy on each one. I put a candle in two of them so my daughter could still blow out candles and I would not ruin the cake. I then put the cake on a small cake plate for easier decorating, and slid thin strips of parchment paper just under the cake a little to protect the plate from frosting, but shallow enough to pull out when I am done.

I hollowed out a spot for the doll using a rounded tablespoon as a scooper. Next I put a thin layer of buttercream frosting and put the cake in the fridge over night so the crumb layer would stay hard until I was ready to decorate. The next day I took white fondant and put a little of Wilton’s leaf green color to make it a mint green. I rolled it out to 15″ in diameter on a fondant mat that I had sprayed with cooking spay then sprinkled powder sugar. I sprayed the cake lightly with water using a spray bottle to make it sticky for the fondant. Then, I peeled it off put it over my arm then drapped it over the cake. I trimmed it up using a pizza cutter, leaving a lip around the hole thing. I then cut a slit in the top where my hole was and gently pulled, I placed Tinkerbell ( whose legs were wrapped in plastic wrap) in and secured the fondant around her.

Next I cut a pattern from thick construction paper. I had to cut many out until I found the one the right size, (I wanted the leaf to be all one peace from top to bottom). Then I put more green color in the fondant and rolled it out and cut around my pattern, then I left the pattern on and peeled it up putting the pattern side down on my hand to keep it from sticking and loosing shape ( it made it easier to apply in general, I tried it without first the pattern between my hand and fondant and failed). I then used green glitter icing in a tube and make the squiggley details on her dress. I used white peal sprinkles to accent the top and bottom of the dress points. I sprinkled yellow shimmer on the bottom mint colored layer to look lime green, and green on the leaves. I then removed the parchment paper from the plate.

I cut out flower petals from glittery pink wrapping paper, and taped them on a elevated cake stand and finally put the cake plate with Tinkerbell on it to make it look like she was sitting in a flower. This took me three hours to decorate not included the hour it took to bake the cake, baking and decorating time from the cupcakes, but it was a big hit.

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