Coolest Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

For my daughter’s fourth birthday, she requested a Tinkerbell birthday cake. We started by finding a topper online then a few days before the party I made a ton of royal icing drop flowers in Tinkerbell’s purple and teal.

The night before I made marshmallow fondant and shaped the mushrooms, flowers to match the topper and strips of grass to line the sides of the cake. I iced the cake in blue buttercream then piped vines along the top in the same green as the topper.

Assembly was easy, and my daughter loved to help put it together. To finish we just literally threw the sparkly sprinkles on it, which she called pixie dust of course. The kids loved it, I wanted to cover the cake in fondant, and the piping was not my best work, but no one seemed to mind, especially not the toddlers pillaging the cake for marshmallow mushrooms!

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