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Coolest Tinkerbell Birthday Cake Idea

A good friend of mine’s little girl is turning 2 and is obsessed with Tinkerbell. She loves everything Tink and for her birthday she asked her mum for a Tinkerbell Cake. When we went looking for a Tinkerbell doll for the cake we could only find an Esmeralda doll. We took it home and the little girl was over the moon because we had gotten her a “Wongi” Tinkerbell. The Wongatha (Wongi for short) People are the traditional land owners in the area that I live in and this little girl is a Wongi who is so excited that her cake is going to look just like her.

I started this Tinkerbell Birthday Cake Idea with a 22″ and a 17″ cake tin – chocolate mud cake and then used a Dolly Varden Cake tin – vanilla buttercake. After baking the 3 cakes I placed them all on to their own boards and started covering them.

I used a Philly cream cheese icing to thinly cover the cake and then covered the cakes with Marshmallow Fondant that I had made that morning. The fondant worked well and I suggest that you use spray oil over your hands and bench top when making the fondant work a treat (but be generous with it!!)

Covering the 3 cakes in fondant I cut a hole in the middle of the dolly varden cake (dress). I then used 2cm thick dowel pieces (4 of them) and placed them in the 22″ cake in a square in the middle. I then carefully placed the 17″ cake on top and finally the dress cake on top of that.

I placed the doll in the centre and finished the cake with piped cream cheese icing around the joins of the cake and the body of the doll. I used craft flowers for the base and secured them with icing.

The whole thing took me about 8 hours from start to finish. Microwaving your fondant is the best way I found to get the texture – 20 seconds at a time!

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