Coolest Tinkerbell Cake

I made this Tinkerbell cake using three 12″ pan cakes stacked with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam then I coated the whole thing with a layer of jam an a good centimetre of fondant icing mixed to a pale green. I then used royal icing in a slightly different green for the vines that the flowers are on and the tufts of grass around the base of the tree stump which was made using a large Swiss roll cut in half and covered in brown fondant icing and placed on top of the cake with a cocktail stick to hold it in place.

The flowers and leaves were made using fondant and flower cutters. The butterflies were hand cut and attached with a wee dot of royal icing then hand painted. The fairy was difficult to make in fondant so I tried it in Mexican paste which worked well. Stuck her in place with another trusted cocktail stick but I’ve seen this cake made with a doll which is a lot easier but not as much fun!

It was made for my wee girl’s 4th birthday party. All the girls loved it but the boys weren’t so sure! 20 kids and quite a few adults had a piece so it goes quite far. Thanks for looking.

6 thoughts on “Coolest Tinkerbell Cake”

  1. Truly a work of love. I’m currently making a Tink cake for my daughter’s 7th birthday.

    I thought your Tink was Resin made, WOW, Your Tink is AWESOME!

  2. WOw that is truly amazing. I wish i had cake talent like that. i cant even get it out of the pan to decorate it all pretty like a professional. I’ve tried it for yrs. Just cant do it

  3. This is truly beautiful…It didn’t look like a cake as much as a beautiful hand painted porcelain ornament…Wonderful job…my hat’s off to you…

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