Coolest Tinkerbell Cake

I made this Tinerbell cake for my daughter’s 7th birthday. It was a huge hit. However, next time I will use wooden dowels for stability. I brushed “edible glitter” over the fondant which made it more fairie like. I attached the mirrors with butter cream.

You will need:

1-10 inch round Wilton Cake Pan

1-8 inch round Wilton Cake Pan

1-6 inch round Wilton Cake Pan

1- Wilton tip #2 (center of flowers)

1- Wilton tip #21 (shell border)

1- Wilton tip #224 (flowers)

1-pkg of disposable icing bags

1-12 inch Wilton cake board

5 lbs- Wilton Fondant

1 container of Wilton butter cream frosting

1 package of Wilton Pixie Hollow Coloring

1 set of Pixie Hollow Characters

1 pkg. of 18 gauge floral wire

1 pkg. round mirrors

2 pkg. of Betty Crocker Cake mix

1- Hershey’s butter cream frosting recipe

1-Wilton Cake mat

1-Wilton Fondant Rolling Pin

Coolest Tinkerbell Cake

13 thoughts on “Coolest Tinkerbell Cake”

  1. Wow! What a beautiful cake! You must be one cool momma’! (You are.) And your daughter must be one awesome little girl. (She is.) I bet her teacher really enjoyed learning with her this year. (I did.)

  2. I love your creativity! That’s a memory your little girl will cherish forever. Not to mention the work of love Mom put into it. You are a special mom! Enjoy these moments, little girls grow up in a blink of an eye, but a Mom’s love lasts forever…

  3. This cake is beautiful. I lovr Tinkerbell. I loved her from when I was a baby an I still love her now that I’m 14 years old in the seventh grade .

    But anyways I just came to say love the cake and one day I would want you to make me a cake.

  4. Hey- I want to make a cake like this but I can not find the characters like this- I want these like they are in flight- all I can find is ones with a stand or smaller ones. Can anyone help with where I can find this set??? PLEASE! Party is in 5 days!
    Thanks Jan

  5. wow I’ve never seen anything like it before. I have seen some pretty awesome cakes on TLC (Cake Boss). But this cake is one that you would expect from a professional. Good job.

  6. that cake is awesome I think that you did a good job on not only because I like Tinkerbell but because that cake is just plain out awesome than any any other. That is cool. I am posting this comment because it is an awesome cake!

  7. I love fawn shes my favorite of all but that cake looks preety preety sweet to me and the cake has sugar in it so yeah pretty cool!

  8. Just visited the site again.. I found the fairies at the Disney Store…

    This was my first cake I’ve ever tried like this. Since, I’ve done sock monkey slippers and monster truck cakes.

    My next endeavor is “hamburger” cupcakes :)



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