Coolest Tinkerbell Cake

I make all sorts of cakes for family and friends. My daughter requested a Tinkerbell cake for her birthday. I finally came up with the idea of making Tinkerbell with a big ballgown.

I used my Wilton doll pan tin and baked a sponge in that, and I also baked a plain round sponge to make her the right height. I cut the base cake the same circumference as the top cake and sandwiched them with jam and buttercream. I then covered the whole cake in buttercream. I rolled out some white fondant and carefully smoothed it over the cake and board. I made the leaf skirt and top from green fondant making the leaf detail with a cocktail stick.

The doll pick’s body was covered in a layer of fondant first and the the leaves stuck on top. Some fairy wings were borrowed and stuck on the back. Her head was also borrowed from a Tinkerbell doll. I created tiny pink butterflies cut out from some rolled pink fondant. I carefully placed them between a groove in a book lined in greaseproof paper and left them to dry out until hard, glittered them with pink rainbow dust and fixed them with edible glue.

The white flowers were made from white fondant with a flower cutter. Once dried I used a lilac icing pen to create stamen details and yellow for the center. Pink flowers were cut out, dried and then pink edible pearls glued on with edible glue.

The result got lots of compliments and my daughter was over the moon.