Coolest Tinkerbell Cake

I got this homemade Tinkerbell cake idea from the 2009 Wilton Year book. Instead of purchasing the expensive cake stand they suggest I had my father in law build it (at a total cost of $7 for some plywood, a 1-inch wooden dowel and about 30 minutes of time). The bottom of the stand is a 12×12 square. He screwed the dowel (9 inches long) into the middle and drilled a hole for a 6 inch circle on top.

For the bottom cake, I used a 12-inch round pan and filled it with 2 cake mixes. Once the cake completely cooled I put it on a cake board large enough to support the cake. I cut a 1-inch circle in the cake board and cake and slid the cake, on the cake board, over the dowel to rest on the bottom of the stand. I used white icing on the cake and blue and purple Wilton spray color to get the cloud effect. Brown and a little black fondant was used for the trunk.

For the tree top I cut out fondant leaves two days in advance and set them on waxed paper to dry. The day of the party, I formed rice crispy treats in a small mixing bowl. Once they were set, I attached the flat side of the treats to a 6 in. cake board and iced the treats green and attached the leaves. When I was ready to assemble the homemade Tinkerbell cake (at the party), I screwed the 6 inch plywood board on top of the dowel, slapped a bit of frosting to the top of the board so that when I set the tree top on it wouldn’t slide off.

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