Coolest Tinkerbell Cake Design

I made this Tinkerbell Cake Design for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I used the “making the day magical” cake design from the Wilton website. I just made a few changes.

A few days ahead of time I made a 1/2 batch of marshmallow fondant. I used teal, rose and violet color gels. I colored the fondant and cut out some stars and a few butterflies. I let them dry and then added white cake sparkles to the stars. I used color melts to attach wire to the backs of the stars.

I made 2 8 inch round white cakes (from the box) and 2 6 inch round chocolate cakes (also from the box). I always make them a few days in advance and freeze them to make icing easier. I made homemade buttercream and filled and iced them. I then took the color mist in the can and sprayed blue then violet onto the cakes.

I then cut out daisies and flowers from my left over fondant and attached to the cake. I also have the alphabet cookie cutters so I cut out my daughter’s name and attached to the cake. I stacked the 2 cakes and then used the grass tip to pipe grass around the border. I added Tinkerbell and the other fairies (which I picked up at a toy store) to the cake. I then added the butterflies and stars.