Coolest Tire Cake

My son loves car tires and for his 3rd birthday he wanted a car tire birthday. I ended up doing a construction theme with a stack of tires and a construction cone.

I made the cake with rounded cake pans, using 2 tops for each tire (10″ cake pans). I trimmed them to fit together and then frosted them with buttercream icing. I used chocolate buttercream with mini chocolate chips for the filling in between the cakes.

I covered each on in black marshmallow fondant and them cut the tire treads out of the leftover fondant. The hubcap was white marshmallow fondant with some silver dust on it to make it shiny. I cut the letters out of fondant too (I used playdough letters). He LOVED it.

I did a construction cone made out of rice crispy treats with a cake bottom, all covered in buttercream icing and then marshmallow fondant.

Homemade Tire Cake

Homemade Tire Cake

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