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Coolest TMNT Cake for a 2 Year Old Boy

I made this TMNT cake for my little buddy, William on his 2nd birthday. He and his father are huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans. Dad wanted a TMNT cake, so I delivered.

This was a tough cake, as I had never sculpted characters by hand. I really wanted to give this family something they would never expect.  I just said to them, “What kind of cake and what theme?”  Then on his birthday, I showed up with a massive showpiece that they could only dream of.

This is a 2 tier double layer cake,  chocolate and yellow cake with a vanilla frosting dyed blue for sky on top top tier, and green for bottom tier.  I used a marshmallow fondant recipe found on Pinterest.  The turtles are popping up out of the sewer on top. They are hand sculpted out of the marshmallow fondant. The sky line is cut from Wilton edible sugar sheets.  The logo is green marshmallow fondant on top of another piece of the sugar sheet.

When I arrived at the party I had to add some of the finishing touches as I couldn’t travel with the turtles in place for fear they would fall off. Everyone was watching… talk about pressure. I had never decorated a cake in front of anyone  before, especially not a party full of (40-50) people.

We kept the cake out of the view of my little buddy until cake time.  When the time came his father came into the backyard carrying this heavy piece of art that I had worked on so hard. I have never let anyone carry my cakes, but he did an amazing job.

We couldn’t sing Happy Birthday because we had discovered at William’s 1st birthday and at numerous birthday parties since then that he would freak out and cry every time it was sung. Ha! Ha! :) So, we didn’t sing. He was so excited to get all the turtles to himself to eat that he told his daddy that he could have 2 of them and he would eat 2 of them. He loved his cake and since then I’ve made cakes for the whole family.

I really enjoyed making this cake and will continue on my cake baking journey.