Coolest Toilet Paper Roll Birthday Cake

I decided to make this Toilet Paper Roll Birthday Cake for a friend who owns a septic pumping business. It’s quite fun to tease him about his job so for his birthday we figured it should be the same.

I baked a 8 inch cake for the base and then opened (a new) can of chop suey because it’s the perfect size for a toilet paper roll. I baked the boxed cake inside the can and then cut the top off to make it straight. I crumb coated the cakes and put them in the freezer to harden. Pulled them out- re-frosted them and left them to sit to harden a bit.

I wrapped the toilet paper roll in undyed fondant and then cut a circle to go on top. To make the top look like real rolled toiled paper, I used various sized cookie cutters to lightly indent the top. Then colored a little bit of fondant dark brown to look like the cardboard center and pressed it in.

I’m just learning to pipe frosting and do borders so there is for sure some room for improvement. I also made “turd cupcakes”. They were a hit- I used chocolate fondant rolled up to create various types of “turds”. Yuck, I know!

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  1. Good job on the cake. I am thinking about making one, however, I have a question. Did you use a full box of cake mix for the can and how long did it take to bake?


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