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Cool Homemade Tom and Jerry Cake

My son was turning 5 and it was his first birthday party with his new school friends, so I wanted it to be really special for him, and he loves Tom and Jerry. So I found this Tom and Jerry cake from the book Cartoon Cakes by Debbie Brown. The first real cake that I have ever attempted.

First I started with a 12in square cake board and laid a small amount of black fondant icing in the middle and then covered the board with white icing and cut out a hole in the middle where Tom’s head would be (so the black icing was showing). I then scored the white icing to look like floorboards and painted the icing an orangy brown colour.

To make the actual cake I used a 3 pint bowl to get the shape of Tom’s head. Cut the cake into 3 layers and sandwiched together with chocolate butter cream. Covered his head with grey icing. Using icing I formed his mouth area first and then worked on his eyes and cheeks and then ears, finally the little details like his little fluffs of hair which made his face look so real. Note: getting the ears the same shapes and sizes was a real struggle.

Jerry is made completely out of icing. Same sort of process as building up Tom face.

In the book there was also a mallet which Jerry sat on but I underestimated the time it would take so Jerry just had to sit on top of his head.

I’m really pleased with my efforts and for a beginner I’m proud of myself, and just seeing my little boy’s face when I brought the cake out at his party made all the hours and hard work so worth it.

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