Coolest Tombstone Cake

I started this Tombstone cake with a Wilton 12×15 sheet cake pan and trimmed the upper edge to a curved shape. I iced the entire cake with light grey buttercream icing. The letters, angel, roses and leaves were molded candies made from Wilton candy melts. The angel was made from a plastic mold I found at Hobby Lobby. It’s not a candy mold but worked perfectly.

The letters, leaves and roses were made from candy molds. I used dark chocolate candy melts and added Candymaker black coloring gel I found at Hobby Lobby. To make the black buttercream I used for the vine, I added Wilton black color gel. To get a true black (or red), you must use an entire small container of the gel and tint at least 24 hours prior to using as the colors deepen as it “rests”.

The cake is really easy to make it’s the candy decorations that are the most time-consuming but it’s worth it for the depth it adds to the cake.Everyone who saw it said it gave them “the shivers” because it looked so realistic.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Tombstone Cake”

  1. By far the most original tombstone cake I’ve ever seen.It’s beautiful. It looks like something you’d see on Ace of Cakes.

  2. Thanks for the idea on the 12×15 cake sheets. I was going to use a cake pan and a circle pan. I am making it for a friends surprise 40th.
    Thanks again for the idea

  3. I was going to do about the same thing as the other person with the two cake pans found your cake and decided to make it as well. Thanks
    for putting on the internet so others can use

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