Coolest Tombstone Halloween Wedding Cake Design

I made this Homemade Tombstone Halloween Wedding Cake Design for my husband as a groom’s cake for our Halloween wedding. Since we already had a large wedding cake I make this cake out of rice crispy treats. ‘It was very easy and looked great on the table, all the kids ate this one for some reason over the actual cake. I think because of the rice crispys.

I made the rice crispy according to the recipe on the box. To get the shape of the tombstone I put it on wax paper and shaped it while it was still a little warm into a tombstone. I iced it with the left over icing from the wedding cake. I added some grey food dye to make it look more like a tombstone.

I wrote on the tombstone “RESPECT IN PEACE TO HIS SINGLE LIFE”. I then put his date of birth and the day before the wedding under that. I was going to put the day of his divorce and the day before our wedding but for some reason that just didn’t seem right.

The skeleton guy I bought at Walgreens, he had a button that when you pushed it he was sway his hips and he sang I think I paid $10. The whole cake cost me about $20.00 including the skeleton dude, maybe even a little less. Everyone thought it was just was too cute.

Homemade Tombstone Halloween Wedding Cake Design