Coolest Toothless Dragon Cake

This toothless dragon cake is for my grandson’s 5th birthday, we went to see the live “How to Train your Dragon” show a few weeks ago.

It is basically made from a 2 layer round 9″ cakes, one layer cut in half and put together with jam for the body, and the tail and head sculpted from the other layer. This is my first attempt at fondant – tried to make my own but it didn’t work so I just bought a tub of black fondant.

Put a butter cream crumb icing on the cake first, left in the freezer for a few days, while I made the wings and let them dry and firm up a bit. I landscaped the board with various toys from the Dollar store, rocks are scraps of cake covered with fondant, candy rocks, and grass icing.

HomemadeToothless Dragon Cake

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  1. Hi there!

    This cake is awesome! I am attempting to make it for my son’s 5th Birthday. Could you give me more detail on how you shaped the body, wings, ears, etc.



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