Coolest Toothless the Dragon Cake

I made this cake making a double layer 11”x15” cake and frosting it white on the sides and under the water area, I tinted the frosting a very light brown and covered the rest of the cake to look like sand. I tinted piping gel blue for the water.

I made Toothless out of a mixture of fondant and gum paste. His body and tail are molded by hand out of fondant. I did this using my hands and a ball and veining tool. I then made his wings and legs out of gum paste. I inserted toothpicks into the legs and larger wings so that when it came time to attach them, they would stay on.

I used black royal icing to attach everything. I used some black icing color mixed with vodka (just enough to thin out the icing color) to paint the dragon so that he turned out a dark black. I would recommend doing this a few days before hand to give it time to dry. And I used yellow royal icing for his eyes, with dots of black royal icing for his pupils.

This homemade Toothless the Dragon cake was a huge hit with the birthday boy and his friends. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for your idea of this cake! I have been looking everywhere and this seems like the easiest because I don’t want to deal with Fondant.


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