Coolest Topsy Turvy Bookworm Cake for a Teacher

This Topsy Turvy Bookworm cake was made for an elementary school teacher who just graduated from college. The night I was to start the cake I had a fall. I was hurt too bad to stick to the original plan, however, I love the final product.

The books are ABC’s and 1,2,3’s  and the other one is Nursery Rhymes. The worm goes in one book then out the other.

The cake is a homemade butter cream and the figures are homemade gum paste and fondant. This was my first Topsy Turvy cake. It was a true learning experience for me. My favorite part was making the worm. I think he turned out fun and silly.

The birthday girl was born on Christmas,  therefore her birthday has gotten lost in the holiday celebrations. Her mom wanted this to be a surprise when she came home for Christmas   Her mom said the cake was a hit and she was very happy with the way it turned out.