Coolest Tow Mater Cake

This Homemade Tow Mater Cake was for my boss’s nephew. This was my first attempt at carving. The cake was 4 box mixes. The first two were for the 11″x15″sheet pan, the other two were used for the two loaf cakes. I covered the sheet cake with a crumbcoat of buttercream, used crushed graham crackers for the dirt road and a grass tip for the grass. I leveled the loaf cakes, split and filled them with buttercream, crumbcoated them and refrigerated for one hour.

Using a small serated knife I took off the angle for the windshield and for the bed of the truck. Leaving a small portion for the cab. I used a larger serrated knife for sculpting the sides, and undercutting at the base of the loaf cakes to give the appearance of a freestanding structure. I put a second crumbcoat on the truck and covered it in white fondant. I used fondant to mold the mirrors, and lights for the top of the cab. Attached the mirrors with small wooden skewers, and used a small ammount of vodka to stick the lights to the top. A small foam cone was cut down to make the boom for the back of the truck and covered in fondant, painted with gel food coloring to give the appearance of metal beams, and attached to the cake with skewers. The rest of the truck was painted using sponge applicators and gel colors thinned with vodka to look like rust.

Fondant cut outs for the mouth, tongue, teeth, and hook for the boom in back, as well as forming the tires. I also used a small point paint brush to do the detailing for the writing on the doors and eyes. Everyone was very pleased with the way it turned out, and I hope you are too.

Homemade Tow Mater Cake