This Toy Story 3rd Birthday Cake was for my son’s 3rd birthday! All about Toy Story.

I baked a big sheet of chocolate cake and cut it in to a 3. I crumbcoat it with regular icing, let it stand. I also baked 24 cupcakes, shape them uniformally and crumbcoat them.

I made marshmallow fondant with 16oz of small marshmallows, 3 tbs of water for 1.30min in the microwave, then mix it with 2 pounds of confectioned sugar, 1/2 cup of Crisco until the mix is not sticky. I did this three times, royal blue, yellow and red.

Work the fondant by hand until its soft and not sticky, you must have confectioned sugar for this, then roll it until its 5mm thin, then cover the cake and cupcakes with the color you wish. Top them with Toy Story characters and you’re done!!!

My son was super happy and every kid picked their own cupcake! Perfect for kids!