I made this cake after getting ideas from this website. My son wanted a Toy Story cake, and I had no idea where to start, but I loved the bed idea because it looked relatively easy. I used a box mix and baked part in a loaf pan, and the rest in a 13 x 9 pan. I froze the cakes overnight so they’d be easier to work with the next day.

I frosted the “floor” cake first with store bought chocolate icing, then back in the freezer. Then frosted the “bed” cake with store bought icing as well. Made fondant from marshmallow crème since marshmallows are not kosher. This is the link I used, although instructions are somewhat vague: http://www.ehow.com/how_4474946_make-wedding-cake-fondant.html.

Anyway, it was my first attempt, and I did not have time to let the fondant rest the recommended 24 hours before use. Also, after trying by hand and having no success, I finally mixed the mm crème and the powdered sugar in the mixer with a dough hook attachment. I kept adding cornstarch to it as I worked. It was thin and stretchy, and got sticky the more I worked with it, so I’d just add a little more cornstarch as I went. I had to join a few pieces together and found that warm water on my fingertips helped smooth the gaps together.

I drew the headboards on cardboard, and bought Rex and Slinky in a two-pack from WalMart. The little Buzz and Woody were lollipop toppers that I cut off with an electric knife, and the letter blocks are from our toy box.

This homemade Toy Story Andy’s Bed birthday cake was a lot of work, but mainly because I’d never made or worked with fondant before. Otherwise it was relatively simple, and a lot of fun. My son said it was the best part of his birthday, so definitely worth the effort! Also, the mm fondant is pretty tasty compared to commercial brands.