Coolest Toy Story Birthday Cake Design

After many trials, found a good marshmallow fondant recipe and practiced rolling it out and covering boxes, as this Toy Story Birthday Cake Design was my first attempt at fondant cake. Put plastic support tubes into the bottom cake to support the bed on top of it. Used molded Rice Krispie Treats for the pillows. Was going to attach head and footboards of molded chocolate (made in a heart-shaped mold) but made them too thick the first time and too thin the second time, so we just left them off.

Practice way ahead of time if you haven’t done the fondant before. If you are making your white cake from scratch, DON’T use the recipe listed in the Wilton cake information. It was terrible. Thankfully, I tried it a couple weeks ahead of time. Allow for lots of time if it’s your first attempt so you can practice!

5 thoughts on “Coolest Toy Story Birthday Cake Design”

  1. My God Girl!!!! What a gorgeous cake!!! I hope you took oodles of pictures!! I don’t think my kids ever had a homemade cake for their b-day’!! I always was under the impression that was what bakeries were for??? Oh well, live and learn, eh! They’ve seemed to survive and live with their Mothers “short comings” in spite of it!!! I am planning on coming to Cincy with Rick towards the end of Sept. when he goes fishing at the lake in Michigan with Dan. Hope can get together sometime while I am there!!!

    Love, Aunt Sis

  2. This is so cute and seems easy to do but that’s what makes it so good because I know it could not have been easy. GREAT JOB!!

  3. Great job. I want to try a bed cake as well. Took 2 Wilton classes but not the fondant. Did the fondant taste good? Where can I get the recipe? Also someone may have a marshmallow allergy so how do I get around that. Need to make this cake for my daughters big 3 birthday party to be served after Thanksgiving dinner. Please help! :)

  4. I love this design.Very creative and well thought out, especially for your first time with fondant. I think it’s super cute.Great job.

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