Coolest Toy Story Birthday Cake Design

I want to thank everyone for posting here and for letting me know about the easy marshmallow fondant. First I haven’t made a cake to decorate in 7 years but I used to love to watch my mom bake creative cakes. I made this Toy Story Birthday Cake Design for my nephew who was turning 6. I just browsed the sites onlin, made fondant, made some stiff rice crispy treats, baked a sheet cake and finished the decorating last night.

I thought the bed would be the easiest and it was once I got the hang of it. I never really figured out what got my fondant the right consistency but I will continue to play with it to see what works for me. It was still a bit sticky after I kneaded and placed in microwave then kneaded more the next day added tons and tons of sugar, the only thing that seemed to work was after adding color just rolling it bring it back to a ball and over again seemed to work best with the lightly dusted surface.

Thanks for all the tips and great ideas,I had a ball making this cake and bring my creative side out. The rice crispy headboard and bed was fun once I got the idea.