Coolest Toy Story Birthday Cake Design

This Toy Story Birthday Cake Design is the most elaborate cake I have ever made. I started making cakes in November of last year 2010 when I did a Super Mario cake for my son because nobody offered anything Mario. This is my 7th cake I made for my nephew. I am trying to get a good portfolio of cakes and thought that this would be a good idea to get some more pictures. It’s a Devils Food chocolate cake with Strawberry preserve filling and butter cream icing and fondant. I got the idea from some other cakes on line but added my touches and changed it up allot but it did help me in showing me a good direction.

I work 10 hour shifts and had to do it in four parts. Wednesday I baked all the cake and wrapped in clear plastic wrap and left in the fridge. Friday night I dirty iced and did the base fondant in about 4 hrs. slept 3 hrs and got up again another 4 hrs to decorate before I headed off to work. During my lunch break I did 1 more hour of finishing touches and delivered the cake to the party. Tinting the fondant all those colors is time consuming so I would suggest you acct for at least 30 minutes to tint each color. Pace yourself and leave yourself options to be able to leave details out if time gets to be an issue. I could not finish this cake I wanted to add red stripes to the yellow of Woody’s shirt but had to leave solid.

I have some more cakes coming up and I’m excited to see what ells I can create. I need a girly cake and that’s where I think I might need to get some ideas from my wife.

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