Coolest Toy Story Birthday Cake Idea

I made this Toy Story Birthday Cake Idea for my son’s 5th birthday. I made one larger cake for the “floor” and a smaller cake for the bed. I frosted the larger cake with brown icing. I then cut the smaller cut to fit on top of the larger floor cake. I used the cut off pieces for the pillows on the bed. I made marshmallow fondant for the first time.

After the initial stickiness I found it very easy to work with. I tinted some blue and used that for the blanket on the bed. The ends of the bed were made of gingerbread that I shaped into the shape that I wanted. The rest of the cake was just decorated with Toy Story figures that my kids got for Xmas.

It was one of the easiest cakes that I made and everyone loved it.

Homemade Toy Story Birthday Cake Idea

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