Woody and Buzz are my kids’ favorite characters, so of course we had to have a homemade Toy Story cake! This one was really fun and relatively easy with some help from two of my closest friends.

The bottom layer is “Woody’s shirt”, the middle layer is “Andy’s room” and the top is “Buzz” (outer space). Everything is home-made except the characters, which are small figurines which I purchased from the online Disney Store and the banner (made of paper).

For those fondant lovers out there (like me) I found an amazing alternative to the store bought variety! I used a recipe for marshmallow fondant which I found online. It was super easy to make, and easier to roll out and work with than the commercial / store brand. Plus it didn’t dry out quite as fast, and tastes WAY better!

Overall I thought it turned out really great, and I’m so proud of it! My son absolutely LOVED his homemade Toy Story Buzz Lightyear birthday cake!!!