Coolest Toy Story Cake

My friend asked me to make a Toy Story Cake for her son’s 3rd birthday. I have never made figures from icing before and had no clue how to make it different. So after having looked through the cakes on this website I decided to do the bed as they look really good.

I made Woody first, he was the harder figure for me to make. I made his shirts, pants and boots first, let him dry out then put on his waistcoat, then when he was dry, painted on his strips and cow prints on his clothes. Then I made all his little accessories separate. I stuck them on him before I placed him on the cake but they fell off so wait till he’s on the cake to stick them on.

Buzz was next, he was quite simple compared to woody. Made all the parts of his legs, arms and body separate and stuck them together as I put them on him. Then I just made the little aliens which came out really cute and sketch. I put some of the laminate paper on the bottom of the cake board and I made the headboard out of gingerbread and iced them then stuck them to the bed with royal icing.

The cake was quite easy to make, but the figures were harder as I have never made them, but I really enjoyed making this cake and think it came out really good. My friend and her little boy loved it.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Toy Story Cake”

  1. Wow! Unbelievable artistic talent on display here.
    It would be hard to watch it cut into pieces. But, what a great cake!

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