We set out to create a great cake for my son’s 4th Birthday. He is a Toy Story fanatic! The bed in the picture is made from two 9X13 yellow cakes stacked, dirty iced, and then covered in rolled fondant. The stars were made out of fondant using star fondant cutters. The pillows were made of remnants of the cake that were shaved to keep cakes straight, dirty iced and covered in white fondant.

The actual bed frame of the cake was made from craft store dowel rods in various thicknesses. A framework was constructed, holes were drilled and the pieces glued together. The framework was then covered in Crayola Model magic in two colors, terra cotta and white, rolled together to give a wood grain effect. The lettering and stars were made with same white model magic.

The curved panels of the bed frame are foam-board cut and shaped then covered in model magic clay. The spindles were made from bamboo skewers covered in more model magic.

We embellished the homemade Toy Story cake using store bought Toy Story figurines. The blocks were made from Rice Krispie treats covered in fondant. We used a wooden cutting board to emulate Andy’s room floor.