Coolest Tractor Birthday Cake

I was asked to make this Tractor Birthday Cake for a friend’s 2 year old son. I realized when making it that I did not have the right colour green dye for a tractor. Found online I should have purchased a Wilton one but I could only get to a normal supermarket at this stage.

I drew a tractor from my head, turned out okay, I then cut it into 3 pieces as this was a large cake! I baked 3 rectangular sponges and cut them from the stencils, I cut length ways and jammed all 3 pieces. I then froze overnight.

I made a buttercream and covered all 3 pieces, minus where the joins were going to be. Then put back in freezer.

That evening I put all three pieces together on the board, a bit of butter cream to stick to board and fill in joins. Decorated it with different colours. The black I used normal icing as can not get the black looking good in buttercream, again will have to see how Wilton works.

I got a photo of the little boy and laminated it and then put him as the driver of the tractor. It did look great.