Coolest Tractor Cake

After doing a Google search for ‘Tractor Cake’ I came across this site and got some fantastic inspiration for our son’s 1st birthday. Being farmers I really wanted to do a tractor but wasn’t sure how to go about it so the ideas I got from this site were so helpful.

We have an actual tractor that is shaped much like my cake with a big rectangular bonnet so I figured I could use a loaf tin for that. I doubled a fruit cake recipe and made two loaf tins and one small round cake in order to have a enough for the bonnet and wheels.

I really like using royal icing because the cake can be done quite some time before the party leaving me free the day before to do other cooking. On the downside it isn’t really very forgiving as can be seen on my cake and mistakes or blemishes show up quite clearly.

I colored ready made royal icing rolled it out and covered the bonnet and rear part of the tractor, then cut the tires to size and colored some more icing and covered those.

I used plastic sheet for the cab and piped the edges however did need to used sticky tape to keep it in place while the icing dried.

I cut out strips of icing for the front grill and piped the two small lights. I used a grass nozzle on my piping bag for the grass and used licorice and a black candle for the two exhausts.

I then piped Happy Birthday on the cab roof. It could have been alot neater but with two toddlers around my feet I was very happy with the final product.

Tractor Cake

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  1. Brilliant just brilliant well done.I bet you received orders after making this.I am going to make a blue tractor I hope it looks half as good as yours! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  2. Cool! I’m going to make a cake like that (or try) for my boyfriend because hes a farmer and really into tractors and stuff.

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