Coolest Tractor Cake

This tractor cake was for our one year old. He had to share his birthday party with his older brother, so he didn’t have much say in the theme. It’s a 9″ two layer yellow cake with buttercream icing. I first iced the whole cake with white buttercream. Then I traced the tractor on top with a toothpick (I used one of their toy tractors to get the basic shape). I piped black icing over the toothpick marks, then filled in with stars.

I found a John Deere emblem and used a toothpick again to draw five of them around the side. I filled in the emblems with green and yellow and filled in the rest of the background with yellow stars. Some of the emblems ended up crooked, but it finally came together. I finished it off with a green shell border on top and bottom.

The tractors on top of the cupcakes are made out of white melting candies dyed green (My husband made the tractor cookie cutter out of metal flashing). The tires are mini Oreos and brown M&Ms.

Tractor Cake