Coolest Tractor Cake

My husband and I made this tractor cake based on pictures that we found on this site. It really was quite easy.

Two loaf pans made the tractor, one quarter of a loaf pan for the trailer. I’m not the best cake icer, but we both think it turned out really great. I’m so glad we decided to make our son his first birthday cake. He is crazy about anything with wheels, so this is sure to be a hit tomorrow!

We used cereal straws for the smoke stack and to connect the tractor and trailer. We used Rice krispy treats for hay bales! Easy! And also large chocolate cake donuts for the back tractor wheels, small chocolate donettes for the others.

We were going to ice them black, but decided we liked them as is. This is the first cake we have ever tried to make. Anyone could do this. We used Wilton buttercream icing recipe found on the web.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Tractor Cake”

  1. My son is going to turn 2 and he is infatuated with John Deere tractors!! I have created my own cake idea from a combination of ideas I have seen on this website. Your cake is just fantastic and I was wondering how you elevated it off the board? I have thought and thought about this and just keep coming up empty. I would really appreciate your ideas.
    Please and Thanks!!!

  2. Hi: I am also wondering how you elevate your cake. I’m making one for my grandson this weekend.

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