Coolest Train Cake

I used a small loaf pan (makes 8 mini loaves) to make the cars, and for the locomotive put one of the loaves on its end and trimmed one to connect in front. I used graham crackers for the cowcatcher at the front and covered with frosting.

Decoration for this train cake was with a star tip with different colours. The brown blob is a bear and is made with chocolate cupcakes – a large one and small one connected together with toothpicks then decorated, with chocolate chips for eyes.

The significance of the bear is my husbands’ work for a railway that is sometimes plagued by grizzly bears eating spilled grain off the track.

The track is made with some chocolate sticks, the rails with black frosting. The cars are each different, one with pretzels supporting a graham cracker (stuck on with frosting) for a cage with some animal crackers in the middle.

The coal car is made with crushed chocolate cookies. The caboose is made with some leftover trim from the locomotive on top of one of the loaf pans. Wheels are mini Oreos. The “ballast” is graham cracker crumbs.

The trees are sugar cones with glued on gumdrops with frosting. The penguins on top are gummy candies from the bulk aisle. The grass is coconut tossed in a bag with some green food colouring.

Thanks to this site for all the great ideas!

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