This was my son’s second birthday cake. I started by making mini cakes (I found a pan that had 8 separate molds that were somewhere around 2″X4″). I made a lot, more than I actually needed, I think about 16 or 18. I also made the icing from a recipe in one of my cookbooks.

My sister got him an early birthday present of a Lego zoo set, and I was able to use the animals from it on the cars. For the engine, I took one whole mini cake for the base, and then cut another one up to shape it into the top of the engine and the front. Each of the other cars was just one mini cake.

I connected all of the cakes together using gumballs. I used Wilton lollipop sticks and a thin piece of cardboard for the “tiger” car. I used mini Oreo-type cookies for the wheels and rainbow Twizzlers for the track. I used a mini ice cream cone for the smoke stack and I got black food coloring for the icing “smoke”.