Coolest Train Cake

We had my son’s third birthday party recently. The whole birthday centered around a train theme and so I wanted a train cake as well. With all his food allergies I don’t have the luxury of getting it from any bakery. The last birthday we had two cakes, one for him and (a regular square one) and one for the guests. Now that he is bigger, I didn’t want him to be shortchanged on his own birthday. I decided to make an allergy free cake which would be interesting to the other guests as well.

So I browsed a lot on the internet including this website to get some ideas on how to go about it. I baked one loaf cake and four mini loaves using cherry brook kitchen’s allergy free yellow cake mix. I placed one mini loaf on top of the loaf cake to form the engine. Then as it cooled, I crumb coated all of them with Wilton white icing(no dairy here!).I chilled them overnight and arranged them on two cake boards covered with green craft paper. On the party day, I rolled out colored fondant(Wilton fondant kit with red,blue,green and yellow colors)in different colors and covered the engine and the cars. I left the top of the cars without any fondant and filled them with candies and pretzels.

I used an ice cream cone as a funnel for the engine and stuck a skewer in it and covered it with blue cotton candy for smoke. I used black licorice(Twizzlers) and graham cracker sticks for the tracks. I cut out thin strips of fondant to make windows and ‘life savers’ candies became the wheels. Yellow colored spice drops were the head lights.

I didn’t have a lot of time to decorate the cake as I had to cook the whole dinner for all the guests as well. But it was a great hit at the party and the kids just loved it. They were asking for their favorite candies and asking for seconds. The parents loved it too as there is not much fat in here since it is dairy and egg free.

My biggest compliment was when one of our guests asked for the number of the bakery. I was flattered!

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