Cool Homemade Train Cake Idea

This is the Train Cake Idea I made for my son Connor’s first birthday. For the front train, I used a train cake pan and chocolate cake. I also cut out a picture of Connor for the window. For the train cars I used disposable loaf pans (since they come in various sizes).

The animal car is a medium sized pan with chocolate cake on the bottom and a small loaf pan on top with white cake. I used animal crackers for decoration. The third car is white cake and strawberries. I cut a small hole in the top of the cake to fill with strawberries (and Elmo).

The fourth train car is a small loaf pan with chocolate cake and crushed Oreo’s for coal.

Lastly, the caboose was made out of tomato soup cake (my father-in-laws favorite… it was his birthday too) and cream cheese frosting. The rest of the cake was made with butter cream frosting and food coloring. I made the tracks from black licorice and Kit Kat’s and sprinkled crushed Oreo’s along them. The shrub in the front is made out of a cup cake.



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  1. I’m so impressed with your cake. You are very talented and should probably consider a business in cake decorating. I say that as I sit here and watch Ace of Cakes. You could compete!! Love your work, Samantha!!


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