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Coolest Transformer Birthday Cake

It was my niece’s 15th birthday and, since she is so into Transformers, I decided to make her a Transformer Cake.

First, I baked two round cakes and dirty iced them with buttercream icing, tinted pink. I then iced them again with a spatula, which I dipped in very hot water afterwards and used again to smooth out the icing.

I downloaded a picture of a Transformer which I used for the stencil.

I prepared the fondant: I tinted it black with Wilton Black Food Coloring Paste and laid the stencil on top and cut it out with an Exacto knife that I only use for my cakes. I very carefully laid the cut-out fondant on the top of the cake, rolled out more tinted Fondant and used cookie cutters to cut out the numbers for the sides.

The finishing touch was rolling all the little fondant balls for around the edge of the cake.