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Coolest Transformer Birthday Cake

This Transformer birthday cake was for my 5 year old son who is mad about Transformers. I made sponge 18×18 cm, 4 of them about 4-5 cm depth each. I later realized that this was actually loads of cake and yet I didn’t have enough height for the scale model.

I printed off profile pictures from the internet and created cardboard templates, overkill I know. Anyhow I used cereal treat (marshmallows with rice krispies) to make up the rest of the height. I filled the layers with butter cream and jam. I left in the freezer briefly to set.

Then it took about 1 hour for the carving, using the templates as my guide. The wheel arches were cut out with a cookie cutter. Once in the right shape the cake was iced with butter cream and cooled to set.

The fondant was pre colored. The yellow fondant was used to cover the cake in sections using the body panels as convenient joins. Final touches included the wheels which are fondant covered jammie dodgers, windows and detailing.

My advice is to make a slightly smaller one unless you are feeding more than 100!

Homemade Transformer Birthday Cake

Homemade Transformer Birthday Cake