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Coolest Transformer Bumblebee Cake

My son loves Tranformers, especially the character Bumblebee. I have always made him creative birthday cakes and I wanted to try using fondant icing this time. It turned out good and was surprisingly easy to work with.

The Transformer Bumblebee Cake was shaped as a yellow Chevy Camaro with two black racing stripes. The cake was simple to make. One box of chocolate cake mix was prepared, split in half and poured into two loaf pans. Once the cakes were cooled, one cake was placed upside down on the cake board. Icing was spread on the top of first cake and the second cake was placed on top so that the two flat edges stuck together. The cake was shaped into a Chevy Camaro. The cake was then iced with the remaining frosting.

I made the fondant icing using the directions and tips on www.whatscookingamerica.net