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Cool Homemade Transformer Cake

My son had asked for an Optimus Prime cake, (leader of the Transformers), for his fifth birthday. I knew I wanted to created a cake that was very three dimensional but was unsure how I could support the structure, as it turned out the head was quite light weight and only needed 2 wooden BBQ skews inside.

The base was eight small Victoria sponges cut into shape and iced using roll out icing. I purchased red, black, grey and white, all the blue was food colouring.

The head was made of a large Easter egg then sculpted using ice cream style wafers and sweets stuck on with melted chocolate and finally iced. The metal A frames on the shoulders were baked using cookie dough then sprayed with edible silver spray and the exhausts were mini rolls also sprayed with edible silver spray.

It took 14 hours in total and everything was edible!