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Coolest Transformers Birthday Cake

This Transformers Birthday Cake was for our son’s 7th birthday. I made 2 9″ round white cakes separated by simple white whipped icing and then smoothed the entire cake in the same whipped icing.

I’ve never worked with fondant before so this was new to me. I rolled out the white fondant. I went online and found a picture of an autobot face. I messed with it until I could print it out to fit the top of the cake. I used an Exacto knife to cut it out like stencil. I laid the cutouts on the fondant and used the knife again to cut out the face pieces.

It was really very easy and since it’s a simple picture, anyone can do it. I’ve also never used the spray cans of coloring. I sprayed the fondant, after it was cutout, and set it aside to dry. I added some detail to the white iced cake like spots, etc. I used my empty, cutout stencil to kind of trace the face on top of the cake. Then I could set the fondant pieces in the right spots without having to move them.

We used blue spray to go around the side of the cake to add more detail. It was a fun cake and our son loved it.