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Coolest Transformers Bumblebee Birthday Cake

I made this Transformers Bumblebee Birthday Cake for my nephew William’s 4th birthday – after a successful attempt at a Dalek for my son’s birthday earlier in the year I was then asked to do this one, and being me decided not to do the car but to go for the challenge of trying to replicate an actual picture of Bumblebee from the Revenge of the Fallen film rather than something easier!

It took a lot longer than I anticipated though and by 1am the night before the party when I had got down to his knees and still had his lower legs and feet to do, I wished I hadn’t! But in the end I was really pleased with the result and the birthday boy was thrilled too.

This cake was made with a gluten free vanilla sponge as my nephew is Celiac, which was then covered in sugarpaste icing, and with all the detailing took around 8 hours to do.

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  1. Hi I am thinking of transformers for my sons birthday cake and just wondering how you did all the detail with the body? Moulds or all free hand?


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