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Coolest Transformers Bumblebee Cake

I baked a 11X13 cake for this Transformers Bumblebee Cake. First I frosted with white buttercream frosting. I then used a can of Wilton spray in yellow and sprayed it over the top of the cake. I made a stencil of a picture of Bumblebee from a picture I found on the web.

After I enlarged it I then traced it onto a piece of wax paper. I then flipped the wax paper over and retraced the picture with black icing gel. I then placed it icing side down on the cake. I then had a template to use a a guide. I retraced the lines on the cake with black Wilton tube frosting. I did this so I would have clear definition on the face.

I then started with the yellow using a small star tip and started to fill in with the color. I then did the blue and red areas around his eyes. I saved the gray for last. I then used blue and a small shell tip to pipe the border. I finished with writing HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY ANDREW in no taste red. I added the red dots to the border just because it needed some color.

NOTE- The transformers logo on the helmet is a small sticker that I covered in clear tape and trimmed. It was to small for me to attempt the detail.