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Coolest Transforner Cake

This Transforner Cake is my 3rd fondant cake. My first 2 were a pink, brown and white dog cake and a Cars 2 cake. I have no formal cake training and love creating cakes! The more I work with fondant the easier it gets and it is fun! I got many of my ideas from youtube on how to work with fondant.

Our good friends were having a birthday party the week after my 2 kids had their parties! Their son Nicholas saw the Cars 2 cake I had made for my son and said WOW! I offered to make his birthday cake and said “Would you like a Cars 2 cake”? He said “No, a Transformer cake!” I had to put my thinking cap on, but this is the creation I made!

The bottom layer is Optimus Prime. I used a Marshmellow Fondant Receipt from YouTube and was able to cover the whole cake without doubling the receipt. After I didn’t get the exact blue and red, I found out that Michaels has a transformer color kit! I covered the whole cake with blue and did red flames. I found the Optimus Prime truck at Toys R us and used buttercream frosting to hold the truck down. I found the red and black chocolate balls around the base of both cakes at Party City. The top layer is Bumblebee. Yellow Fondant covers the whole cake with black stipes in fondant. The two bumblebee transformers were found at Toys R Us I also got the tansformer logos from the transformer toys box and cut them out and put saran wrap on it before sticking it on the cake.

I found the wires that have the hanging black and yellow stars at Michaels. They are part of the Duff line. If you go to Duff on-line, you can learn how to insert the wires correctly. Hope you like my cake!

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  1. Do you ship to NJ??? My son is turning the big 05..lol in March and he is a huge I mean huge fan of Transformer and he would go absolutely crazy over this cake. Especially since Bumblebee is his favorite.

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