Coolest Transportation Birthday Cake

I found my inspiration for this Transportation Birthday Cake on this website. It was car #16, so thank you for the great idea!! I just added a variety of vehicles because our theme encompassed more than just cars.

I used Wilton cookie cutters for the vehicles on the sides of the cake. I added my own details with fondant and I used a paintbrush and water for the indentions. I used the marshmallow fondant recipe at and the buttercream recipe from the same site.

All of the vehicles are different all away around the cake. On top, I used an oval cake pan with two cupcakes stacked on top. After some “sculpting” of cake, I used buttercream icing to make it look like a car. I also used Oreos for the wheels. I added a bit of buttercream for hubcaps. The windows and bumpers were made out of leftover fondant. It was a lot of fun to make!

1 thought on “Coolest Transportation Birthday Cake”

  1. Mary,
    Your cake looks awesome. And I just noticed the plates you used. Those are the same that I just bought for my son’s first birthday party – which is tomorrow. I just made the fondant icing and I hope my cake turns out half as nice as yours (and #16 which was my original inspiration). Wish me luck!

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