Coolest Treasure Chest Birthday Cake

I planned a Pirate party for my two sons and god- daughter this year and decided I wanted to make a Treasure Chest cake.

I made chocolate buttercream frosting from a Wilton recipe and fondant. I then baked three marble cakes from a box mix in a 9″ x 13″ pan. I refrigerated them overnight.

I stacked two of the cakes for the bottom half of the chest. I cut four pieces of a wood dowel about 2″ higher than the base, to support the chest lid. I cut strips of fondant for the trim and painted them with black icing color. I used a square piece of fondant for the lock surround; I painted the lock black and brushed gold dust around it.

I used M&Ms Premiums dark chocolate candy for the bolts and buttons. I filled the chest with ring pops, rollos, candy bracelets, gold chocolate coins and reese’s pieces. I filled the gaps in the chest with frosting. I made the map out of fondant. I pulled the edges to get the ruffled look and colored icing for the writing. I crushed graham crackers for the sand. I added beads, candles, fake coins and a candy rat, not shown, all around the cake.

It was a hit! The kids all wanted to take the “treasure” out before even cutting the cake.