Coolest Treasure Chest Birthday Cake Idea

My daughter wanted a Treasure Chest Birthday Cake Idea for her 19th birthday, and I wanted to start playing around with sugar, so I came up with this design showing a treasure chest washing up on the shore.

The cake is strawberry flavored, dirty iced with cream cheese frosting, giving it a delicious strawberry cream flavor. Fondant covers the entire thing, and is painted using basic food coloring. The “ocean” is a poured sugar and the “sand” is a combination of granulated and brown sugar, mixed together.

The “coral” is a technique of colored poured sugar over ice to get the effect of the coral, and the “white coral” is simply poured sugar mixed with royal icing, using the same technique. All of the coins, seashells and crab are made out of fondant that has been hand molded and painted. The bracelets are fondant balls, strung with a needle and thread, and painted with pink edible “dust”.

Homemade Treasure Chest Birthday Cake Idea