Coolest Treasure Chest Birthday Cake Idea

Like the train and the fire engine I posted previously, this Treasure Chest Birthday Cake Idea is another great cake for people like me who love to produce a ‘homemade’ cake but who are useless at the cake bit! This treasure chest was made from 8 Tesco standard size Madeira cakes sandwiched together with Betty Crocker vanilla frosting to form the chest shape.

then covered the whole thing with Betty Crocker chocolate frosting using a fork to make the wood effect on the sides. The lid was made from another cake board glued onto the back of the cake with more frosting and covered in frosting. I then used teddy brown fondant to finish off all the edges, shop bought icing letters to do the name and age and then ‘filled’ the chest with gold and silver chocolate coins, craft gems (not edible), jelly friendship rings and sparkly red drops.

I also threaded some of the red drops to make the necklace and held them in place with icing and a big chocolate coin. The plate was made from one of my son’s plastic play plates covered in foil with gems stuck on.

I finished the cake off with 5 gold candles. All the kids loved it and it was actually quick, easy and fun to make!