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Coolest Tree Frog Fondant Cake

This Tree Frog Fondant Cake was created as a fun joke for a friend that cannot stand frogs…heh heh. So it has a two layer red velvet body, with a chocolate buttercream filling and frosting, and covered in Duff’s Buttercream Fondant, tinted green with gel. The legs are made from gluten free cake, baked in small loafs and cut in half and shaped for effect, the back legs were frosted with the same chocolate buttercream, the front are frosted in a dairy free buttercream recipe I found online, also covered in the green fondant.

Lastly, the back feet are just more cake shaped and frosted then covered in orange colored fondant, the front are Rice Crispy treats shaped for effect and also covered in orange fondant. The tongue is pink colored fondant with a small bit of leftover fondant for the bug at the end. Then the body was surrounded with a small bit of chocolate buttercream around the edge.

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