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Coolest T-Rex Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade T-Rex Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 7th birthday. It is made with a homemade white cake recipe from The Betty Crocker cookbook. I added colored sprinkles to the batter. Before I actually made the cake, I made a template out of paper to see how much of the cake I could use and turn into other body parts. I knew I wanted a complete T-Rex and not just the head.

I started with a 9×13 pan and cut out the body and head as my largest pieces. Then the other pieces I added from the leftover scraps. These were strategically chosen to fit other parts of the dinosaur. You may end up with a few left over pieces after trimming out the shape you want. They are all attached with icing. I made my own fondant out of powdered sugar, vanilla extract and butter. The eye and teeth are M&M’s, the inside of the mouth is pink buttercream frosting. The finishing icing is chocolate buttercream frosting.

The party was a dinosaur/horse theme (her two favorite things), so the horse is made out of fondant laying on a bed of green cut gumdrops. I tried to make it proportionate to the T-Rex.

Homemade T-Rex Birthday Cake

Homemade T-Rex Birthday Cake

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